Patel S.I.R (2017) Telugu full movie watch online

Patel S.I.R (2017) Telugu full movie watch online
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Patel S.I.R (2017) Telugu

Patel S.I.R (2017) Telugu cinema film download Description

Patel S.I.R is an action thriller film written and directed by Vasu Parimi and produced by Sai Korrapati under Vaarahi banner while DJ Vasanth scored music for this movie

The film begins with the 60-year-old retired army officer who is called as Patel S.I.R. (JB) who is roaming along with his blind granddaughter Yamini (Baby Dolly); targets a mafia gang led by D.R. / Devraj (Kabir Duhan Singh) spreading drug traffic all over the country. He starts killing DR’s men one after the other Laala (Prabhakar), Monti (Prithviraj) very brutally. A corrupted police officer A.C.P. Catherine (Tanya Hope) is appointed to find out the killer. Once she finds out Patel S.I.R. is the killer an interesting twist is revealed.

Subhash Patel is a highly decorated soldier, he wants his son Vallabh (again JB) to follow in his footsteps, but he wants to become a doctor, much to his father’s dismay and is, therefore, ordered out of the house. After few years when Patel’s wife Bharathi (Aamani) is in her death bed, Vallabh comes to visit her with his wife Rajeswari / Raaji (Padma Priya) and children. Following, Bharathi’s death Patel decides to reconcile with his son, so the family reunites. Everything is going well, unfortunately, there takes place a tragic incident when Vallabh rescues a journalist Ravi (Sasidhar) shot on the road, who has a crucial evidence against the drug kingpin D.R. Before his death the Ravi hangover’s it to Vallabh so he and his wife are killed and their daughter is blinded. That’s why Patel is taking revenge against D.R.’s gang. Rest of the story is how Patel reaches his final target D.R.? Whether he able to get back his granddaughter’s eyesight?

Directed by Vasu Parimi
Produced by Sai Korrapati
Written by Prakash (dialogues)
Screenplay by Vasu Parimi
Story by Sunil Sudhakar
Starring Jagapati Babu
Padma Priya
Tanya Hope
Music by DJ Vasanth
Cinematography Shyam K. Naidu
Edited by Gautham Raju
Varahi Chalana Chitram[1]
Release date
14 July 2017
Country India
Language Telugu

User Reviews
On the whole, Patel SIR is Jagapathi Babu’s show all the way. He excelled in his role and is the main attraction for the film. Though the first half of the film runs on a flat note, the emotional scenes in the second half save the film to an extent. All those who like revenge dramas can give this film a shot but the rest need to go in with minimal expectations.
Jaggu Bhai u always awesome Bhai.I like ur acting.From the movie legend, u r looking very NYC.plz do act like that and Plz don’t bearer, u r looking like a real life hero.super PATEL SIR.

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