Poorna (2017) Hindi Download Free Full Movie Online

Poorna (2017) Hindi Download Free Full Movie Online
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Poorna (2017) Hindi

Poorna (2017) Hindi cinema film download Description

An Adivasi 13-year-old from Telangana becomes the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest.

An Adivasi 13-year-old from Telangana becomes the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest.

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 31 March 2017 (India)
Director: Rahul Bose
Writers: Prashant Pandey, Shreya Dev Verma
Stars: Rahul Bose, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Dr. Rayala Harischandra

User Reviews
Director Mr. Rahul Bose has done a very fine job. I also appreciate his dedication to taking risk as a producer of making this real film but commercially doubtful possible. As a director, he has taken care of even tiny things of a subject. Like lead girl touching the rock first time, her unique bonding with it then her fear overpowers like any other common girl. While the first girl was ill in the tent in a final climbing flash, cut off her being pushed into the water by elder cousin Priya, who is pushing her with unawareness it symbolically makes her strong and capable of bearing pain which is going to change Poorna life in future. Both cousin sister bonding is so well established that I wished that I just want to witness both’s chemistry rather than watching the film. Priya mysterious smile in her last shot gives goose bump. Shot of bird flying off the tree in dawn while kids want to escape was cute and well placed. Writers Prashant Pandey and Shreya Dev Verma work are excellent too. So many social issues are pointed out in a subtle way without being lured into melodrama. The scene where kids play a poor game while they were supposed to play the power game in a hostel, hits the issue in the very balanced way. Most of the scenes are very realistic rather than conceiving some conventional high dramatic treatment. IPS approach’s towards bad food issue, teachers threat to strike or complain to chief minister is well handled. Starting half an hour film is excellent but then is becomes slow. Emotions are well established but when it comes to rock climbing or mountaineering film fails to involve intensively. Yes must be budget constraints but this was film’s premise. Due to this climax does not give that much needed euphoric feelings. The cinematography is also not up to the mark. But it is sure that film motivates and pushes undoubtedly to explore your hidden strength. Performance wise Aditi Inamdar as Poorna is the first rate. You can’t believe that she is not real Poorna but acting. Like her elder sister Priya, actress S. Maria is just awesome. Rahul Bose as IPS Praveen Kumar is impressive. Heeba Shah as the female government unsupportive officer is excellent. Dr. Rayala Harishchandra as Priya’s father is apt. Credit goes to casting director Mayank Dixit for selecting most of the good actors.

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