Tera Intezaar (2017) Hindi Watch Online DVDRip Movie

Tera Intezaar (2017) Hindi Watch Online DVDRip Movie

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Tera Intezaar (2017) Hindi

Tera Intezaar (2017) Hindi cinema film download Description

A woman sets out to uncover how her lover went missing.

A woman sets out to uncover how her lover went missing.

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 1 December 2017 (India)
Filming Locations: Hyderabad, India
Genres: Romance | Thriller
Director: Raajeev Walia
Writer: Anwarullah Khan
Stars: Sunny Leone, Gauhar Khan, Arbaaz Khan

User Reviews
The story revolves around Raunak who is on a desperate hunt for the love of her life Veer who has been missing from two days. In a bid to find him, Raunak comes across a form of an exorcist Sudha Chandran who is referred to her by her sister and brother-in-law Hanif Noida. Raunak goes on to reveal all the details about her story to the exorcist, about how she came across Veer who is a painter and had made her painting even before she met him. As they fall in love midst beach locations, Raunak being a gallery owner who also organizes exhibitions, expresses her desire to exhibit Veer’s paintings to the world. To crack a deal she sets up his meeting with her gallery’s permanent clients Arya Babbar who does business with his partners who are his girlfriend Alina Bhani Singh and Bobby Salil Ankola. Veer, who doesn’t want his work to be misused, quite reluctantly decides to show one of his works to the business partners headed by Vikram but this only leads to further drama in Raunak’s life. A sudden attack by the partners, who become greedy to acquire all of Veer’s works that are apparently worth millions, leaves Raunak unconscious after which Veer goes missing. The rest of the film revolves around Raunak’s desperate attempt to find the truth behind Veer’s mysterious disappearance and also the disappearance of Vikram and his business partners.

With scenic locations as a backdrop for musicals and the sexy scenes of Sunny Leone, the story written by Anwarullah Khan is too disheveled. While the screenplay written by Raajeev Walia in the first half is haphazard, the second half looks half-baked. The editing again by Raajeev Walia ruins the experience of watching the film as many scenes seem disconnected from each other. In an attempt to show two parallel tracks simultaneously, one where the four business partners are stranded in a jungle where they encounter bizarre experiences, and on the other, Sunny Leone aimlessly running and roaming around the streets, the scenes fail to establish a connection within the first half hour leaving one extremely confused. Although the makers attempted to create a good amount of suspense in the plot, they have failed to retain logic in the story. The film also deals with a few supernatural elements and a series of twists that forms the climax. But it just seems unbelievable and has multiple loopholes.

The direction (Raajeev Walia) fails to impress. The titillating scenes are few and fail to ignite the required romance on screen. They look forced in a desperate attempt to act as a crowd puller. The dialogues aren’t imperatively and are unintentionally funny. The film also tries to switch between genres ranging from love story to action to horror but fails to hook you to the story.

Talking about performances, the main leads Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone try their best but fail to portray any chemistry. Sunny Leone’s performance is decent and she does a fair job considering that the role is quite different from her previous films. Arbaaz Khan too manages to do a decent job but his character is quite blurry. Arya Babbar, Bhani Singh, and other actors seem to be a part of ‘ham-fest’ whereas Sudha Chandran’s role in the film seems to have taken a cue or two from her daily drama TV soaps.

Not giving out too many details, TERA INTEZAAR that tries to be a love story is set against the backdrop of ‘supernatural’ elements and hence has also tried to make use of VFX. It fails however miserably to say the least. The cinematography by Johny Lal is strictly average.

Probably the only saving grace for TERA INTEZAAR is few of its romantic tracks. While ‘Mehfooz’ falls in the usual romantic genre and retains the soft music feel that seems to be the current flavor of the generation, ‘Abhagi Piya’ and Khali Khali Dil’ too add to the soothing atmosphere. However, the Punjabi flavored dance number ‘I am a sexy Barbie girl’ is devoid of Sunny Leone’s usual charm.

On the whole, TERA INTEZAAR has a jumbled plot line that lacks logic and fails to establish any connection. It neither succeeds in telling a supernatural story nor does it manage to act as a quintessential love story. At the box office, the film will struggle to survive.

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